Billecart Salmon Les Rendezvous N°1 Meunier Extra Brut Champagne France NV

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100% Pinot Meunier from the three historic terroirs of Leuvrigny, Festigny and Venteuil in the Marne Valley, where this varietal gives wine from these locations its distinctive and sublime expression. Vinified in stainless steal and aged for 52 months. 33% reserve wine is added for second fermentation in the bottle. 

Wonderfully balanced floral sensations (lime and violet) combined with the summery scents of freshly-cut wheat fields (grain and straw). This cuvée will awaken your senses to notes ranging from crisp fruit to juicy citrus. A highly delicate blend where the character of the Pinot Meunier subtly reveals itself.

Food Pairing: Celebrations! 


France, Champagne

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