Schuchman Vinoterra Mtsvane White (Orange) Kakheti Georgia 2019

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100% Mtsvane. Intriguing medium amber color. Aromas with medium intensity, notes of iris, linden flowers, honey, honeysuckle, earth, ginger, hay, bruised apple, dried fruit, sweetness. Aromas to translate to flavors, but this is a dry wine that is generous on the palate. Citrusy notes of lemon curd, candied lemon, apricot, passion fruit, melon hay, cardamom, spicy ginger-fireball cinnamon, selenic wild capers, earthy oxidization, baked apple, dried peach, beeswax, hazelnut, toffee. The fermentation method brings about the oxidative characters and the reason for tannins in an otherwise white wine. Layers of complexity starting with the slight difference from noes to palate. But even on the palate the wine moves quickly from primary flavors to more intense tertiary notes with more exotic flavors. The wine is medium body with memorable medium plus finish.

Food Pairing: :      Khachapuri, creamy pasta, pork and applesauce, latkes, salmon steak, goat cheese,  other Georgian cuisine,   wine should be served with fatty and nutritious foods ranging from sheep's cheese with tarragon or dambal khacho (very mature cottage cheese) to khashlama (boiled meat), spicy or peppery dishes, with shila pilaf (rice with meat or mushrooms), with a chakapuli of lamb cooked with tarragon, with trout roast on skewers or with chicken,  bozbashi (boiled mutton), dolma (vine or cabbage leaves stuffed with meat), shoulder of veal or for turkey with walnut sauce (satsivi)

3.9/5 Sustainable Farming Practices 


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