Shimizu-No-Mai Pure Dawn Junmai Ginjo Sake Japan NV 300mL

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Clear like water in color. Floral aromas mixed with orange peal, cream, and minerals. Well structured, slightly coagulated in texture with subtle notes of tangerine peal, pear, risotto. Medium acidity and alcohol which lifts of the tongue whish lightens the body mid taste. It has a texture residuals that have a white jelly bean flavor linger for a medium finish. 

Takashimizu brewery is located in the heart of Akita prefecture, where three rivers gather, a place known as being the source of the purest water since the time of the Samurai. pure dawn is the Junmai Gingo selection of the Pure Series. Less than 3% is classified at this high grade of sake. In order to qualify as a Junmai, only rice, water, koji and yeast in the brewing process and at least 40% of the husk must be polished away.

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