Wines of Illyria Trnjak Red Bosnia Herzegovina 2015

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100% Trnjak (TER-nyak). Lots of herbal aromas and abundance of spices. On the palate: clove, vanilla and cinnamon, followed by ripe aromas of currant, raspberry, cherry and plum jam.

Food Pairing: spicy cheeses, grilled goods, baking, grilled lamb, spicy peppers, beef stew, steak.

Sustainable and Vegan Practices 

Trnjak is best known for being Blatina’s pollinator, as both varieties bloom at the same time. Blatina is very difficult to cultivate as it has female only flower, blooms only for three days and requires a pollinator to be planted in the same field. The winery has planted a row of Blatina, a row of Trnjak, 2 rows of Blatina, a row of Trnjka and so on. The goal is that Blatina has Trnjak at least on one side.

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