Curb Side Pickup and Local Delivery

Here at City-Vino, we need to be vigilant about social distancing due to the outbreak of COVID-19.  With that in mind, we will be doing Curbside Pick-up and Delivery.  This will enable us to limit the number of guests inside the store, both for your safety and ours. 

So how is this going to work? It will actually be pretty easy!

Step 1: Call or email us. Let us know what you are looking for. That can happen through you naming specific wines you know you like and have bought with us before or having us check your customer history and make recommendations off of what you've purchased in the past. You could also just trust us to select a wine that you might like based on your likes and dislikes. Let us know how many bottles you are looking want, and the price range you want to work in.

Step 2: Provide your credit card information. You can do that through phone call or make a retail purchase online (using the online shopping cart). For curbside pickup, if you don't feel safe giving your card number in advance, we can run your card inside quickly and return to you. But we would prefer to do prepay if possible, and then just run your wine out to you and have you on your way! Unfortunately, delivery orders will require a credit card number in advance.

Step 3: Come by and we'll bring everything out to your car, or stay safe at home and get ready to enjoy your wine! Give us a bit of time to get everything together, and we will let you know the best time to swing by, or when we think we will be able to get your order to you through delivery.

Coverage Area


Curbside Pick-up  

As outlined above, Curbside Pick-up will be like a normal visit to us, but you don't have to get out of the car! This is a FREE service to all of our customers. Let us know what you are looking for, and then give us some time to pull it together. We'll contact you when it is ready and set it aside for you. Then you can come by at your leisure. Call us when you are a couple minutes out, or even right when you pull up. We'll get your order out to you, load it in the car, and you will be all set. Curbside can be single bottles, half cases, full cases, or more, whatever you like!

Delivery Coverage Area

 For delivery, we do need to set some more specific criteria than curbside pickup:

  • Free Delivery for  a radius within 0-3 miles
  • $10 Delivery for a radius within 3-6 miles. Free Delivery for a minimum of 6 bottles or a $100 dollar purchase.
  • $20 Delivery for a radius within a 6-10-mile. Free Delivery for a minimum of 12 bottles (one case) or a $150 dollar purchase.

While we are hoping to take care of most of you through Curbside Pick-Up, we are happy to offer delivery as well to those who cannot, or should not, leave the house. As you can see above, we do have an overall 10 mile radius maximum. Same mode as the pick-up, call in, email, or order online and work out your order with us. We'll take credit card information over the phone or online in the retail store, and then get your order compiled and out to you as quickly as we can.

We do want to ask, if you request delivery, please be patient with us. Delivery is a service which we normally offer, but are expecting much higher volumes which may need a touch of time to figure out the logistics. We believe we should be able to accommodate delivery within 24 hours of your request, certainly hopefully sooner than that, but we will see how it goes!

Other Info for Local Delivery

  • Wine must be paid for ahead of time by either online or by phone.
  • Delivery time must be scheduled at least 24hrs ahead of time
  • Delivery hours are noon-8pm Monday - Saturday
  • Wines can be chilled with advanced notice
  • Requires signature from someone 21 years or older