Products tagged with mead

Dansk Mjod Gl Denmark NV
A methaglin style mead with hops and ginger. Big notes of ginger and honey with a dry, hoppy finish.


Dansk Mjod Oden's Skull Demark NV
Dansk Mjod Odin's Skull is a Nordic honey wine with sour apple juice, hops and cinnamon added. Made solely from 100% natural ingredients. You can drink this mead when it is only a few months old, but it just gets better and better as it ages. 


Dansk Mjod Viking Blod Denmark NV
An artisan methaglin style Danish mead with hops and hibiscus. Soft citrus flavors and floral aromas with a hoppy-dry, spicy finish.


Oliver Winery and Vineyards Camelot Mead Indiana NV
Based on a traditional English mead recipe. Sweet with flavors of apple, pear, tangerine, lemon and honey.


Saga Meadery Crisp Apple Virginia NV
Flavors and aromas of apple pie, Crème brûlée, honeysuckle, apple jam, and lemon. Off dry with zippy acidity that lifts of the palate. Medium plus finish. 


Saga Meadery Sunburst Citrus Virginia NV
Aromas and flavors of lemonade, lemon, lime florals, honey, honeysuckle floral with orange, tangerine, lemon candy, with a slight sour finish. Off dry with zippy acidty that lifts of the palate. Long floral honey finish