Good Friends Peach Soju South Korea NV

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Soju with Peach infused. Clear in appearance. Relatively expressive aromas of ripe yellow peach, sweet white spring blossoms, and canned fruit cocktail. On the palate the Soju is completely absorbs the peach syrup which it has been infused. The off dry sweetness is balanced by the medium plus acidity and the alcohol which lifts off the tongue, kind of like a vodka. The texture is clean and enjoyable through to the medium plus finish. This is a great just getting into soju option as it does not have any of the bitterness.

Food Pairing: deserts, aperitif, spicy foods, sushi

Soju is a clear, neutral spirit usually distilled from grains. Although it can be made from rice, soju is not a “rice wine” and it’s very different from sake, which hails from Japan. Soju is distilled, like vodka, but has about half of the alcohol by volume (ABV).

Soju is usually made from fermented grains, such as wheat, barley and/or rice, but can also be made from other starchy ingredients, like sweet potatoes or tapioca.

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