Products tagged with Moscato

Bèrto Vermouth di Torino Aperitiv dla Tradission Bianco Piedmont Italy NV
Arneis, cortese, trebbiano, moscato, herbs and spices (wormwood, sour orange, gentian, cardamom, vanilla, coriander, mint, mace, hops, thyme, marjoram, lemon, cinnamon, clove, rhubarb, angelica). Orange-gold in color. Pronounced aromatics fresh white flow


Gloria Moscato Peach Veneto Italy NV
100% Moscato. Peach color with yellow tinges. Bouquet is intense and persistent with fresh blend of peach and honey notes that tickle your tongue. Semi-sweet and velvety all at the same time remarkably pleasant and full bodied on your palate. 


Gloria Moscato Strawberry Veneto Italy NV
100% Moscato. Strawberry color with yellow tinges. Bouquet is intense and persistent with the most increasable blend of juicy fresh strawberries and perfectly blossoming roses. Semi sweet and velvety mouth. Remarkably pleasant and full bodied on your pala


Lodali Moscato D'Asti Piedmont Italy 2022
Fresh, sweet and fragrant with floral notes. Apricot, orange, peach and honey aromas that flow onto the palate with light bubbles.


Quinta da Pacheca Moscatel Galego Douro Portugal 2020
100% Moscatel Galego. Pale, lemon color. Pronounced sweet aromas of apricot, passion fruit, white peach, Anjou pear, linden blossom, honey, and lychee. Flavors of apricot pear, lychee, peach and passion fruit dominate with lessor notes of apple pear drop,


Spazio Mango Moscato Piedmont Italy NV
100% Muscat Blanc à Petit Grains from Moscato d' Asti inside the Piedmont region. Wine is infused with all natural Brazilian Mango. Low alcohol of 5.5 ABV. Simple aromas and flavors of grape, floral, mango, zesty orange, juicy peach, tropical pineapple. L