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Albemarle CiderWorks Hewes Crab Virginia 2019
100% Hewes Crab Apple. Golden color. Aromas of bruised apple, lime juice and lime zest, followed by notes of pear, melon, apple spice, and biscuit. Creamy effervescence, with medium flavor intensity. This is an off dry cider with medium acidty, medium min


Hakutsuru Superior Junmai Ginjo Sake Japan NV 720mL
60% Rice milling. Flowery, fragrant sake, melon, grape, and sweet rice. Continuing to the palate, flavors of fig, white cherry, umami, saline, tart yogurt. This is dry with medium acidy, fairly light body given the medium intensity of flavors. Medium fini


Hakutsuru Ukiyo-e Junmai Daiginjo Japan NV 720mL
Ukiyo-e (ooh-kee-yoh-eh) is a Japanese woodblock print or painting of famous kabuki actors, beautiful women, travel landscapes and city life from the Edo period.
50% Rice Milling. Aromas of honeydew, fuji apple, and hints of black jellybean. Continuing t


Joto Sake Yuzu "The Citrus One" Japan NV
Yuzu is a prized Japanese citrus fruit has the flavors of mandarin orange, Meyer lemon, and Key lime. It is blended with sake. It is a delicious balance of sweetness and acidity. 


Shimizu-No-Mai Pure Dawn Junmai Ginjo Sake Japan NV 300mL
Clear like water in color. Floral aromas mixed with orange peal, cream, and minerals. Well structured, slightly coagulated in texture with subtle notes of tangerine peal, pear, risotto. Medium acidity and alcohol which lifts of the tongue whish lightens t


Shirataki Shuzo Namazake no Jozen Junmai Ginjo Sake Japan NV
60% Rice milling. This unpasteurized sake is exciting and lively with a nose full of citrus, sweet apple blossom, pear, and wildflowers. The palate is equally as bold featuring fresh persimmons, marshmallow citrus lemon-lime, cantaloupe melon, and slightl