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Wines of Illyria Carski Blatnia Rose Bosnia Herzegovina 2019
100% Blatina (BLAH-tee-nah). A native variety to Herzegovina (Her-tsuh-GOH-vee-nuh). Salmon color, subtle tastes of citrus, peaches, apricots, and underlying notes of Mediterranean stone.


Wines of Illyria Citluk Stone Cuvee White Bosnia Herzegovina 2019
90% Zilavka (Zhi-LAV-kuh) and 10% Bena (BEN-na). Indigenous grapes from the sun-washed Herzegovina region. Similar to a mix of Verdicchio and Vermentino or Burgundy whites from Meursault region. Light yellowish green color and crystal clear. Aromas of cha


Wines of Illyria Trnjak Red Bosnia Herzegovina 2015
100% TRNJAK (TER-nyak). Lots of herbal aromas and abundance of spices. On the palate: clove, vanilla and cinnamon, followed by ripe aromas of currant, raspberry, cherry and plum jam.