Les Volets Pays d'Oc Pinot Noir Rosé 2018
A refreshingly pale color due to minimal skin contact, this Pinot Noir rosé offers soft berry-fruit
aromas and flavors with an elegant finish


Ringbolt Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
Cherry, pomegranate and cherry fruit paired with dark chocolate and earthy flavors.


Recanati, Merlot
Aromas of smoke, stone, cherry, and Mediterranean spices accompanied by a gentle hint of oak. Flavors of black plum, blueberry, black pepper, and smoke.
Certified Kosher



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Kosher Wines & Recanati Winery

Kosher wines are regular wines, produced in observance of, and in compliance with, Jewish religious dietary laws (Kashrut). The religious laws outline a standard for food preparation as well as winemaking.

The Castle, The Dragon and The Vine

Travel with us to a time long ago, and a place far away. The Castel San Gottardo was built in 1100 into an existing cavern in the sheer cliff, high above the town of Mezzocorona, in the kingdom of Trento in Northern Italy. Legend has it that a winged serpent called a basilisk lived in the ruins of the castle. This dragon-like creature’s body was covered by bony scales that were thought to make it invincible. It would spend its days swooping down into the village, eating the villagers and destroying their crops with its fiery breath.