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Dansk Mjod Oden's Skull Demark NV
Dansk Mjod Odin's Skull is a Nordic honey wine with sour apple juice, hops and cinnamon added. Made solely from 100% natural ingredients. You can drink this mead when it is only a few months old, but it just gets better and better as it ages. 


Dansk Mjød Vikingernes Denmark NV
Vikingernes Mjød is a more classic mead than the one Vikings drank in days past. It is brewed exclusively from high-quality honey, ginger, earth, dandelion, spices, and hops which are the basis of the aromas. On the palate additional flavors of fresh lime


Rosalia Molina Petit Manseng Dulce Enero Ice Wine Manchuela Castilla-La Mancha Spain 2021
100% Petit Manseng. Golden amber in color. Intense, persistent aromas of honeysuckle, tropical fruits, peach, apricot, citrus lemon-lime, and spices which all transfer to the palate. This is a medium sweet wine with thick coating texture which is balanced


Big Cork Vineyards Vidal Ice Maryland 2020
Vidal Blanc made in an ice wine style. Soft notes of honeysuckle on the nose compliment a palate of peach, apricot and mango. Enjoy as a dessert by itself, or try pairing with a silky panna cotta, delicate cream puffs, or your favorite fresh fruits.