Chillin’ with Lt. Blender

Chillin’ with Lt. Blender It is once again that time of the year for picnics, BBQ, and alfresco dinners under the evening skies but most of all it is time to unplug, relax and spend quality time with family and friends. Fire up the grill while the meat and vegetables are marinating. Mix together a big bowl of grandma’s award-winning potato salad. Decorate that American flag cake studded with fresh strawberries and blueberries from the local farmer's market. Stock the cooler with lots of water, juice boxes for the kids, soda, beer, wine and prepare some cocktails.

Sangria – olé in a glass!

Sangria – olé in a glass! Sangria is a classic wine cocktail that is fruity, festive and fun. It is usually made from a combination of red or white wine, fruit juice, sliced or muddled fruit and sugar. There are hundreds of recipes for this cocktail, some of which call for added brandy or other liqueur and/or added sparkling water.

Sangria for 4th of July

Sangria for 4th of July Sangria is a Spanish wine cocktail, which generally consists of wine, brandy, fruit juice, and sliced fruit. In recent years, both the white and red varieties have become popular. Sangria is great for summer parties. It can easily be made in large quantities, is refreshing on a hot day, and goes great with Prosciutto, burgers, and hot dogs. We have assembled several recipe options for your 4th of July weekend party. Add red, white, and blue fruit for a festive flair!