Outback Wines

Outback Wines No, not the restaurant. The real Outback consists of the western third of the country of Australia. The population—and most importantly, the grape growing, and winemaking in this region—is concentrated in the southwest corner. The main city is Perth.

Semper Fi

Semper Fi This Sunday morning, May 22, participants in the 2022 Marine Corps Historic Half will take to the streets of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Participants will pass 13.1 miles of scenic and historic landmarks around town, like the Clock Tower, Confederate Cemetery, Kenmore Plantation, and many more. To add to the excitement, there will be live entertainment set up at various mile markers around town.

A Non-Themed Theme

A Non-Themed Theme This week’s tasting at City Vino features wines where there wasn’t really a particular theme in mind. I considered calling it a “Variety of Varieties,” until I realized that one of the wines was technically a blend of 85 percent of one grape, and 15 percent another. Though many places around the world, legally, the 85 percent means it can be labelled as the predominant grape variety without mentioning the secondary grape at all, but let’s stick to the non-themed theme, shall we?

Explore Lebanon’s Château Ksara

Explore Lebanon’s Château Ksara This coming weekend, February 4th and 5th, City Vino presents wines from Château Ksara, in the Bekaa Valley, in Lebanon. On Saturday, Jon Yeager, of International Cellars, will be your guide for the tasting, and will be sharing the story of the renowned winemaking property. The Château was founded in 1857 by the Jesuits, who would discover underground Roman-era cellars in 1898, which continue to be used to age the wines.