Do You Know, Ah Shenandoah?

Do You Know, Ah Shenandoah? If you are familiar with Virginia Wine and have spent some time tasting in the state, you are familiar with certain popular areas and the better known wineries. When someone speaks of wine regions in California, most people think Napa or Sonoma. When someone mentions Oregon, people think of Willamette; when New York is mentioned, Finger Lakes is first thought of. Every wine region has a “better-known” region.

Unveiling Hidden Gems Beyond the Usual Suspects

Unveiling Hidden Gems Beyond the Usual Suspects There are wine varietals that you find to be most common, when you plunk down at a restaurant, open the menu, and turn to the wine selections. The normal, everyday suspects that grow anywhere and whose names just roll off the tongue—Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Pinot Grigio. Sure, there are differences by regions, and even differences by producer. But do you get bored by the same five or six kinds, regardless of where they are from? Is the world only in eight-bit color to you? There are more than 10,000 grapes in the world that have successfully fermented into wine, most even produced commercially. This week at City Vino we are exploring the obscure varietals.

Bordeaux Blends, Who Brings What to the Party?

Bordeaux Blends, Who Brings What to the Party?   It is pretty typical to say that what grows together tends to be together. The phrase seems not to be confined to just food, but it also seems to extend to food-and-wine pairings. One step further, in the world of making wine, what grows together tends to get blended together. Old World traditions have been formulated to produce the same style of wine with very little interpretation year-to-year, other than how the microclimate had differed.

Just the Right Spot - Hark Vineyards

Just the Right Spot - Hark Vineyards October is Virginia Wine month, and in honor of that, we revisit a winery that was highlighted last year—one that seems to have found just the right spot to not only grow grapes and make award-winning wines, but the right venue to focus on a passion. Virginia is a challenging area for growing vinifera grapes. This state brings bi-polar weather, with constant changes, pests, mold and mildew, and ever-changing terroir across the state. Some wineries have had to resort to adding events to recoup costs. It not only takes the right spot, but the right people, with the passion and determination to be successful in this industry.

The 35th Virginia Wine Month Commences

The 35th Virginia Wine Month Commences On October 2nd, 2023 Rita Allan, Dori Weitz and our dinner companions (husbands) were invited to the Governor’s Mansion to celebrate the Commencement of the 35th Virginia Wine Month. Governor Glenn Youngkin stated, “Virginia wine month rightfully spurs a celebration of our Commonwealth's rich and diverse winemaking heritage. Virginians are raising our glasses to this exceptional industry, and the hard work of our dedicated winemakers. Together, we can continue to make Virginia a destination for wine enthusiasts, and a source of pride for all of us."