Have a “Peachy” Memorial Day Weekend and Summer

Have a “Peachy” Memorial Day Weekend and Summer The informal meaning of the word peachy is “unusually fine or dandy” and that is our wish for you, this Memorial Day weekend, and all summer long. With temperatures bound to rise as we have already experienced a few days this month, nothing is more refreshing in your glass than something bright, cold, and possibly frosty.

What’s That Cloudiness in My Bubbly?

What’s That Cloudiness in My Bubbly? While shopping the shelves of a wine shop like City Vino, you notice an intriguing bottle of sparkling wine with a crown (beer-type) cap on top. You pick up the bottle and hold it up to the light .and there is a coating of tannish residue at the bottom of the bottle. You slant the bottle a bit sideways to get a better look and the residue starts floating around in the bubbly, making the wine cloudy.

Viognier’s Home – Condrieu

Viognier’s Home – Condrieu Lovers of Virginia wine are most likely already familiar with the grape Viognier. Some of Virginia’s initial recognition in the winemaking world happened, based on wine made from this grape. In fact, in 2011, the Virginia wine marketing board named Viognier the “signature” grape, to help its wines gain recognition outside of the state.