Do You Know, Ah Shenandoah?

Do You Know, Ah Shenandoah? If you are familiar with Virginia Wine and have spent some time tasting in the state, you are familiar with certain popular areas and the better known wineries. When someone speaks of wine regions in California, most people think Napa or Sonoma. When someone mentions Oregon, people think of Willamette; when New York is mentioned, Finger Lakes is first thought of. Every wine region has a “better-known” region.

Ham or Lamb, A Choice for Easter Dinner

Ham or Lamb, A Choice for Easter Dinner Perhaps this has never been a question for you? It is a timeless debate that speaks to personal preferences and culture traditions. While some may lean toward the classic comfort of a glazed ham, others may opt for the elegance of a tender, herb-crusted lamb roast. Which one speaks to you? Or would you be comfortable with either? And of course, because it is City Vino backing this conversation, what wine would you pick?

And the Award Goes Too …

And the Award Goes Too …  Last week, the red carpet was rolled out. People came adorned in flash and shine, draped in bobble and bangles, to see and be seen. Glamour and glitz were laid out for all to enjoy and adore. Glasses were clinking and awards shimmering. Eager expectations hovered over all the crowd in anticipation of the awards about to be announced. No, all the glimmery lingo was not in reference to the Oscars, although that did happen. Since this is a blog centered around all things wine, and not movies, the big night of mention involves wine awards.

Christmas Cookie Crawl and Wine Pairing

Christmas Cookie Crawl and Wine Pairing Last year, the 700 block of Caroline decided to collaborate with each other during the Christmas holiday season. As a way of promoting each other, Chris Allen, of Duly Noted, suggested a cookie crawl where customers would purchase a tin and then collect their cookies along the path of participating businesses. Having sold out of tickets, Chris decided to take this idea to a much bigger platform. Chris is also the Executive Director of Mainstreet, which is a national nonprofit organization that focuses on the economic improvements of historical downtowns.

West Coast Thanksgiving

West Coast Thanksgiving  Once upon a time, in a cozy West Coast home, preparations were underway for a Thanksgiving feast that would capture the essence of the region. The bountiful offerings of the Pacific coast were eagerly anticipated—a unique and delicious celebration. Eventually the family would wander into the house, the son, the daughter, the extended family with aunts, uncles, and cousins. All to be greeted with a myriad of dinner courses, fine conversations, and of course, local wines from California to Washington State to complement the diverse flavors of the meal.