Christmas Cookie Crawl and Wine Pairing

Christmas Cookie Crawl and Wine Pairing Last year, the 700 block of Caroline decided to collaborate with each other during the Christmas holiday season. As a way of promoting each other, Chris Allen, of Duly Noted, suggested a cookie crawl where customers would purchase a tin and then collect their cookies along the path of participating businesses. Having sold out of tickets, Chris decided to take this idea to a much bigger platform. Chris is also the Executive Director of Mainstreet, which is a national nonprofit organization that focuses on the economic improvements of historical downtowns.

West Coast Thanksgiving

West Coast Thanksgiving  Once upon a time, in a cozy West Coast home, preparations were underway for a Thanksgiving feast that would capture the essence of the region. The bountiful offerings of the Pacific coast were eagerly anticipated—a unique and delicious celebration. Eventually the family would wander into the house, the son, the daughter, the extended family with aunts, uncles, and cousins. All to be greeted with a myriad of dinner courses, fine conversations, and of course, local wines from California to Washington State to complement the diverse flavors of the meal.

Just the Right Spot - Hark Vineyards

Just the Right Spot - Hark Vineyards October is Virginia Wine month, and in honor of that, we revisit a winery that was highlighted last year—one that seems to have found just the right spot to not only grow grapes and make award-winning wines, but the right venue to focus on a passion. Virginia is a challenging area for growing vinifera grapes. This state brings bi-polar weather, with constant changes, pests, mold and mildew, and ever-changing terroir across the state. Some wineries have had to resort to adding events to recoup costs. It not only takes the right spot, but the right people, with the passion and determination to be successful in this industry.

The 35th Virginia Wine Month Commences

The 35th Virginia Wine Month Commences On October 2nd, 2023 Rita Allan, Dori Weitz and our dinner companions (husbands) were invited to the Governor’s Mansion to celebrate the Commencement of the 35th Virginia Wine Month. Governor Glenn Youngkin stated, “Virginia wine month rightfully spurs a celebration of our Commonwealth's rich and diverse winemaking heritage. Virginians are raising our glasses to this exceptional industry, and the hard work of our dedicated winemakers. Together, we can continue to make Virginia a destination for wine enthusiasts, and a source of pride for all of us."

Honey & Hops Brew Works

Honey & Hops Brew Works Honey and Hops Brew Works is definitely a family-run business that was started by three brothers—Ian, Isaac, and Adam Rushing. These are three of eight siblings who grew up in Alaska, with very creative parents and the mind set of being entrepreneurs, even as kids. Ian, the oldest, had a background in journalism and marketing, and had moved down to Virginia in an area just outside of DC, where he met his now wife. They had enjoyed the Front Royal area and decided to move farther away from DC. They found that it was a beautiful area and enjoyed that it was a tourist destination because of skyline drive.