Dad’s the Man! Happy Father’s Day

Dad’s the Man! Happy Father’s Day Along with cars and boats, wine is yet another inanimate object that is often anthropomorphized, meaning it is ascribed to human characteristics. People frequently describe wine in terms that evoke human qualities, such as calling a wine "elegant," "bold," or "youthful." This anthropomorphism can enhance the enjoyment and appreciation of wine, as it adds a layer of personality and character to the tasting experience.

Come to the Wild White Side

Come to the Wild White Side The Wild White, better known as Sauvignon Blanc, is one of the most widely planted grapes around the globe, having acreage in almost every wine region in the world because of its wide range of flavors, depending on the terroir. The grape is related to Traminer, and originates in the south of France. Depending on the environment in which the grapes are grown, and on how ripe the grapes are at harvest, the flavor profile can range from fruits of lime, green apple, and passion fruit, to white peach. What makes Sauvignon Blanc unique from other white wines are the complimentary herbaceous flavors like bell pepper, jalapeño, gooseberry, and grass. These characteristics come from aromatic compounds called pyrazines, and the secret to its signature style.

Wine Cocktails for Summer Chillin’

Wine Cocktails for Summer Chillin’   The world of cocktails is rich with history and creativity, offering a diverse array of drinks that reflect cultural influences and innovative spirit. Among these are the Bellini, Pineau Spritz, Kalimotxo, and Vermouth Cassis. Each has unique stories and flavors that have contributed to their enduring popularity.

Deep Dive into Rioja

Deep Dive into Rioja The Rioja wine region, nestled on a plateau in the northeastern corner of Spain, is a land of rich history, diverse terroirs, and unparalleled viticultural traditions. Spanning an altitude range of 300 to 800 meters, Rioja's landscape stretches approximately 60 miles along the northeastern banks of the Ebro River, from the enchanting city of Haro, in the northwest, to the picturesque town of Alfaro, in the southeast. This geographical diversity, coupled with its unique climatic conditions and political boundaries, contributes to the region's remarkable array of wines, each bearing the unmistakable stamp of Rioja's terroir.

Super Bowl Showdown … Yes, with Wine!

Super Bowl Showdown … Yes, with Wine!  This is the big week football lovers, commercial fans and foodies have been waiting for! Whether or not football is the real reason for watching the Super Bowl, it usually instigates a celebration of good party food and drink. Due to the ever-popular Clydesdales, singing frogs, and lovable dogs, the featured drink always seems to center around beer, even though the NFL is now promoting Barefoot Wine as the “Wine of the NFL.” Let us be honest, there could have been a better choice … and while that might be your choice to have at parties where the audience is unknown, now is the chance to sway your audience toward “other” wine, and show them that yes, it is possible to have wine AND football food!