Exploring Spain

Exploring Spain This weekend, Friday October 8th and Saturday October 9th, 2021, travel with City Vino to four regions of Spain. The identity of these regions is forever linked to a specific grape variety or a couple of varieties.

Spain Week

Spain Week Spain and Portugal comprise what is known as the “Iberian Peninsula.” Spain is attached to Europe with a border to the north on the eastern side with France. Portugal is to the west of Spain, taking up much of the western coast of the peninsula.

Have a “Peachy” Memorial Day Weekend and Summer

Have a “Peachy” Memorial Day Weekend and Summer The informal meaning of the word peachy is “unusually fine or dandy” and that is our wish for you, this Memorial Day weekend, and all summer long. With temperatures bound to rise as we have already experienced a few days this month, nothing is more refreshing in your glass than something bright, cold, and possibly frosty.