Kosher for Passover- Revisited

Kosher for Passover- Revisited At City Vino, we take pride in our annual tradition of featuring Kosher for Passover wines, aligning with the spirit of both Easter and Passover celebrations. Our diverse community of wine enthusiasts eagerly anticipates this time of year, and we delight in serving their needs with a curated selection of exceptional wines.

Do You Know, Ah Shenandoah?

Do You Know, Ah Shenandoah? If you are familiar with Virginia Wine and have spent some time tasting in the state, you are familiar with certain popular areas and the better known wineries. When someone speaks of wine regions in California, most people think Napa or Sonoma. When someone mentions Oregon, people think of Willamette; when New York is mentioned, Finger Lakes is first thought of. Every wine region has a “better-known” region.

Bordeaux Blends, Who Brings What to the Party?

Bordeaux Blends, Who Brings What to the Party?   It is pretty typical to say that what grows together tends to be together. The phrase seems not to be confined to just food, but it also seems to extend to food-and-wine pairings. One step further, in the world of making wine, what grows together tends to get blended together. Old World traditions have been formulated to produce the same style of wine with very little interpretation year-to-year, other than how the microclimate had differed.

Wines to Get You Talkin’

Wines to Get You Talkin’ With the holidays just around the corner, literally, are you ready with dinner party wines? Do you still need a unique gift for that wine lover, and want something with some character? Do you struggle with the imminent small talk that accompanies holiday gatherings? To help, here are some wines to consider, and a little conversation to go with them. There are wines that not only inspire sonnets on what is going on in the glass, and then there are those that encourage more in-depth conversations on the history and the story of the how, and who, of that wine.

Just the Right Spot - Hark Vineyards

Just the Right Spot - Hark Vineyards October is Virginia Wine month, and in honor of that, we revisit a winery that was highlighted last year—one that seems to have found just the right spot to not only grow grapes and make award-winning wines, but the right venue to focus on a passion. Virginia is a challenging area for growing vinifera grapes. This state brings bi-polar weather, with constant changes, pests, mold and mildew, and ever-changing terroir across the state. Some wineries have had to resort to adding events to recoup costs. It not only takes the right spot, but the right people, with the passion and determination to be successful in this industry.