Port, the Oldest of the Fortified Wines

Port, the Oldest of the Fortified Wines There are actually a wide variety of fortified wines in the world, for which Port is just one kind. But it is a special one, and of the fortified wines, it is the oldest. Fortifying means that a grape spirit, or brandy, is added to the wine to help preserve it. The brandy is added during fermentation, which then kills the yeast as the yeast can only survive in an environment that is just so high in alcohol. This means that wine retains its sweetness. From here, the wine goes into a series of ageing containers. Depending on how long the ageing process is, the wine maker is making Ruby or Tawny port.


Miscast This past weekend, City Vino and Fredericksburg Théâtre Ensemble (FTE) joined forces for the 2nd Voices and Vines Signature Series. This is a fun-filled evening in the style of a musical cabaret, with a wine tasting component between songs. The first of the series was back in March, where we focused on blind tasting, because we had not attempted this kind of show before and really didn’t know how it would be received. Having such a fun experience, the next topic chosen was “miscast,” with the idea of a singer choosing a song that was completely out of character; eg. Justin Yates who sang “Fast Car,” by Tracy Chapman. So much fun!

Portugal. The Tasting

Portugal. The Tasting There is a band from Alaska named “Portugal. The Man,” but if all truth be known, I think I would prefer “Portugal. The Tasting.” Wine tasting, that is. The band’s big hit was called “Feel It Still,” but I think we should all go with “Taste It Still”. Enough of the band analogies, lets get to the wine.

Spread Holiday Cheer

Spread Holiday Cheer Greetings from your friends at City Vino! We are here to provide gift-giving suggestions so you can “Spread the Holiday Cheer” to family, friends, colleagues, teachers, or even something for your own enjoyment at the dining room table.


Hallo-Wine “I was working in the City Vino wine shop, late one night,
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight.
For my wine bottles from their shelves, began to rise,
And suddenly to my surprise,