Take a trip to Sancerre

Take a trip to Sancerre Take a trip to Sancerre, which is in the Centre région of the Lorie Valley, the center of France for one of your wines. It is coming to the height of summer, and the weather is finally heating up. A high acid, medium body, food friendly wine, with a little chill on it, would be perfect for June! After all, the farmer’s markets are bringing in those raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, crisp lettuce, and melons. All of which will sit well next to your glass of Pinot Noir. (You thought I was going to say Sauvignon Blanc! Got ya!). Pinot Noir out dates Sauvignon Blanc in Sancerre. Why Sauvignon Blanc is better represented now? Come in and ask, there are more stories to share with you. But on to summer and white wine this weekend!

Explore Lebanon’s Château Ksara

Explore Lebanon’s Château Ksara This coming weekend, February 4th and 5th, City Vino presents wines from Château Ksara, in the Bekaa Valley, in Lebanon. On Saturday, Jon Yeager, of International Cellars, will be your guide for the tasting, and will be sharing the story of the renowned winemaking property. The Château was founded in 1857 by the Jesuits, who would discover underground Roman-era cellars in 1898, which continue to be used to age the wines.

Spread Holiday Cheer

Spread Holiday Cheer Greetings from your friends at City Vino! We are here to provide gift-giving suggestions so you can “Spread the Holiday Cheer” to family, friends, colleagues, teachers, or even something for your own enjoyment at the dining room table.

“Helpful” Tips for a Thanksgiving with Wine

“Helpful” Tips for a Thanksgiving with Wine • Thanksgiving Eve, remember to set your scales back 10 pounds.
• The best thing about cooking for Thanksgiving is that you get to open wine at 8:00 am.
• The most important ingredient to any Thanksgiving dish is adding wine to the cook.
• A day will come when we eat reasonably healthy foods in modest portions, but this Thanksgiving isn’t that day.