Porch, Picnic, and Backyard Sippers

Porch, Picnic, and Backyard Sippers With the summer heat upon us, we are all looking for wines that are perfect for the warmer temperatures because they are refreshing, quench one’s thirst, are quaffable, and simply taste good. Porch, picnic, and backyard wines are those wines that fit that bill, and are the focus of our tasting this weekend at City Vino.

Getting Warm with Wine

Getting Warm with Wine As the temperatures drop and our bodies attempt to adjust to the cooler temperatures of the fall into winter, we don heavier fabrics or add layers of clothing, sit in front of a roaring fire in the firepit or fireplace, and look to hot drinks to warm us from within. This week’s blog features warm wine concoctions, to ease in with the seasonal temperature transition.

You CAN Drink White Wine After Labor Day!

You CAN Drink White Wine After Labor Day! Labor Day is rapidly approaching, and we are here to tell you that you can indeed drink white wine after Labor Day. White wine can be a very approachable, quaffable, and refreshing drink to have during the warmer summer months. However, white wine comes in many styles and weights, and there is one perfect for most every pairing option, even when the weather starts turning cooler as summer fades to fall and into winter.

Sauvignon Blanc – Why We Love It

Sauvignon Blanc – Why We Love It The dog days of summer are upon us, and that means we want to quench our thirsts with wines that have bright enough acidity to make our mouths water. We also want wines that pair with light meats, non-fatty fish, and salads that feature the summer’s bounty of fresh vegetables from our gardens or the local farmer’s market. Sauvignon Blanc fits the bill, and that is why we love it!