Think Outside the <Wine> Box this Summer

Think Outside the <Wine> Box this Summer With Memorial Day Weekend approaching, everyone is anxiously awaiting the kickoff to the summer season. Not officially, of course, but most think of it as the gateway into warmer weather, trading the long sleeves for tank tops, packing up the thermals, and opting for a cool drink instead of a hand and body warmer.

Sparkling Wine for Mom

Sparkling Wine for Mom Mother’s Day is upon us this weekend. Think about it: Without these women, we, as beings, would not exist in the first place. Reflecting on this, we are the ones who have heard her heartbeat from the inside. That thought is just so profound. Life exists because of mother. How do you grasp that?

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! It is finally spring and, although here in Virginia our winter was a mild one, as far as the wintry stuff goes, this wine lover is ready for some warmer temps and brighter days! It is time to shed all the layers, clean off the patio furniture, and stock up on fresh and zippy wines to wake us up from our winter hibernation!

A Herald to the Obscure Grapes!

A Herald to the Obscure Grapes! There are grapes in the world that are planted in a wide range of environments. This is an absolute understatement. Of this vastness is a small number of varieties that have easily traveled from their homelands and have been planted around the world. Why? Because they are proven grapes that can produce high-quality wines and are not too fussy about where they are planted.

Abandon the Sideways Effect

Abandon the Sideways Effect Do you hear "Merlot" and roll your eyes? Do you go to the wine store and automatically pass the Merlot by without even consideration? Consider re-wiring your mind, forget the negative connotations brought on by the movie “Sideways,” and some bad rumors about California, and give it another swirl. The movie “Sideways” did a number on Merlot sales in 2004, thanks to Miles Raymond, played by Paul Giamatti. He basically trashed Merlot with one line, when he belted out, “No, if anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT drinking any f#[email protected]* Merlot!”