Coming Soon…The Holiday’s! Are You Ready?

Coming Soon…The Holiday’s!  Are You Ready? With Thanksgiving upon us, the rest of the holidays will be here in the blink of an eye. With impending gatherings, holiday meals, celebrations, and gift-giving opportunities, you are going to want a good inventory of “something special” to grab and go. Whether it’s for enjoying with food, or a gift for the host, secret Santa, or a loved one to enjoy later, a major element in your decision making will be the food being served, the theme, or the reason. You might want to select something to complement the holiday dinner, a special bottle for a celebratory toast, or a bottle for a special someone to enjoy later (hopefully with you, right?!).

Nouveau Rise of Fame

Nouveau Rise of Fame Among the rolling hills and tiny villages just south of Burgundy and north of Lyon, France, lies Beaujolais. The region is synonymous with Gamay, the area’s most-planted grape. Beaujolais is 34 miles long from north to south, and seven to nine miles wide. There are nearly 4,000 grape growers who make their living in this picturesque region just north of France's third-largest city, Lyon. Today is Beaujolais Nouveau Day and at the crack of 12:01 AM this morning, City Vino and retails shops around the world are now legally allowed to sell this young wine to the public. It is commonly, in the US, thought of as synonymous with Thanksgiving, but how did it get that way?

What Makes Red Blends So Appealing?

What Makes Red Blends So Appealing?  When selecting a wine to bring to a social event, a red blend often stands out as an excellent choice. Its versatility, crowd-pleasing qualities, and adaptability to various culinary pairings make it a smart option for gatherings with diverse tastes. Red blends not only provide a reliable and consistent flavor profile, but also serve as a great conversation starter, thanks to their complex nature and the intriguing blend of different grape varieties. Plus, their accessibility ensures that you can bring a quality bottle without breaking the bank, making them the perfect companion for a memorable social occasion.

Targeting a Harvest Date

Targeting a Harvest Date The vinedressers have made all the preparations. All the vineyard pruning, spraying, cultivating, and green harvesting have been accomplished. The air is cooling, and ripening has slowed. Perhaps a slight pause to consider the most magical day of the year: harvest day!

Examples of Environmental Sustainability Improvements; Water and Energy Usage

Examples of Environmental Sustainability Improvements; Water and Energy Usage The California Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Workbook is a fairly comprehensive, self-analyzing approach, for vineyards to measure their “level of sustainability and to learn about ways they can improve their practices.” To receive the full certification, wineries would have to submit to a 3rd party inspection. Although there are specific chapters designated for both vineyard water management and energy efficiency, these two concepts are woven through the rest of the workbook.