Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action! Spotlight on Some Monster Reds From The West Coast That Are Out Of This World.
The first act is located at Sineann, pronounced shuh-NAY-uhn, a small producer of grapes from some of the finest vineyards in the Columbia Valley region. Most of the wines come from single vineyard designated, with low crop levels, which ensure the best characteristics of the varietal and terroir shine through. Their belief is minimal processing, aging in French oak.

Abandon the Sideways Effect

Abandon the Sideways Effect Do you hear "Merlot" and roll your eyes? Do you go to the wine store and automatically pass the Merlot by without even consideration? Consider re-wiring your mind, forget the negative connotations brought on by the movie “Sideways,” and some bad rumors about California, and give it another swirl. The movie “Sideways” did a number on Merlot sales in 2004, thanks to Miles Raymond, played by Paul Giamatti. He basically trashed Merlot with one line, when he belted out, “No, if anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT drinking any f#[email protected]* Merlot!”

Some Things Just Go Together—Hand and Glove, Salt and Pepper … Wine and a Movie

Some Things Just Go Together—Hand and Glove, Salt and Pepper … Wine and a Movie So, the groundhog saw his shadow a while back, and you know what that meant: Six more weeks of winter! While we here in the ’Burg don’t get the hellacious nor’easters they get up north, we do get sick and tired of the cold and the snow. So, we hunker down at home and turn on the tube or fire up our computer. I don’t know about you, but for me, network TV is slim pickins for something to watch. I like a good move—whether it’s classic oldy, or a current hit. (Isn’t it great that we can stream new releases so soon after they’re in the theaters?) Give me a good flick, a comfy seat, and … a bottle of wine.

Fredericksburg’s Winter Restaurant Week 2023

Fredericksburg’s Winter Restaurant Week 2023 Restaurant week is a clever promotional strategy originally meant to spark business for restaurants in New York City during the slow time of year. The first restaurant week was thought up by Tim Zagat and Joe Baum in 1992. Established to help boost business, restaurant week has grown in popularity since its inception. It offers many benefits for restaurant owners and can help increase sales during otherwise slow periods.