Party In a Glass

Party In a Glass Since we are in the middle of what is known as the dog days of summer, let’s open up—or even conjure up—some delightful, refreshing, and chilled party wines and cocktails to get us through the heat. Invite friends and family over, throw the inflatable swan into the pool, break out the citronella tiki torches, and get the little drink umbrellas and flamingo stirrers ready, because it’s party time!

Growing Grapes in All The ‘Right’ Places

Growing Grapes in All The ‘Right’ Places Have you ever wondered how wine grapes are grown in what seems like difficult climates like South America, Germany, South Africa, and Canada? The answer lies in mitigating factors such as choice of grape, proximity to bodies of water, currents, winds, altitude, aspect, mountain ranges, and even types of soils.

You Say Fuissé, I Say Fumé

You Say Fuissé, I Say Fumé In the world of wine, there are many terms and places on labels that can be difficult to decipher. In some parts of the world, the wine is labeled by the grape variety name, and other places it is labeled by the place where the grapes are grown, and the wine is made. Sometimes having the wine labeled as the place is all you’ll need to know, to figure out what is in the bottle. In many places around the world, local laws dictate the grape or grapes that can be made into wine and bottled and labeled with that place name.