Zibi Do Dah, Zibibbo Day

Zibi Do Dah, Zibibbo Day Zibibbo is the Italian synonym for a white grape called “Muscat of Alexandria.” This grape is thought to be from Northern Africa—specifically Egypt, and perhaps even the city of Alexandria itself—thus its name. There are thoughts that Cleopatra drank wine made from this grape.

Easter Will Be Different This Year

Easter Will Be Different This Year This year, instead of donning one’s newly acquired dress or suit, new shoes, and matching accessories—perhaps including a proper bonnet—those who celebrate Easter will not head to church to gather and worship, but instead will be at home with only their immediate family, or even alone. These are times of safety first, stay in place, and quiet contemplation.

“Explosive” Volcanic Wines

“Explosive” Volcanic Wines There is much debate in the world of wine about the impact that soil has on wine. Soil types differ by the size of particles, mineral and nutrient content, amount of decomposed organic material, and water retention capacity. Volcanic soils are different as they can be formed by a variety of events like slow flowing lava, explosively expelled rock, and airborne ash that settles to form a new layer.