Ham or Lamb, A Choice for Easter Dinner

Ham or Lamb, A Choice for Easter Dinner Perhaps this has never been a question for you? It is a timeless debate that speaks to personal preferences and culture traditions. While some may lean toward the classic comfort of a glazed ham, others may opt for the elegance of a tender, herb-crusted lamb roast. Which one speaks to you? Or would you be comfortable with either? And of course, because it is City Vino backing this conversation, what wine would you pick?

Super Bowl Showdown … Yes, with Wine!

Super Bowl Showdown … Yes, with Wine!  This is the big week football lovers, commercial fans and foodies have been waiting for! Whether or not football is the real reason for watching the Super Bowl, it usually instigates a celebration of good party food and drink. Due to the ever-popular Clydesdales, singing frogs, and lovable dogs, the featured drink always seems to center around beer, even though the NFL is now promoting Barefoot Wine as the “Wine of the NFL.” Let us be honest, there could have been a better choice … and while that might be your choice to have at parties where the audience is unknown, now is the chance to sway your audience toward “other” wine, and show them that yes, it is possible to have wine AND football food!

Christmas Cookie Crawl and Wine Pairing

Christmas Cookie Crawl and Wine Pairing Last year, the 700 block of Caroline decided to collaborate with each other during the Christmas holiday season. As a way of promoting each other, Chris Allen, of Duly Noted, suggested a cookie crawl where customers would purchase a tin and then collect their cookies along the path of participating businesses. Having sold out of tickets, Chris decided to take this idea to a much bigger platform. Chris is also the Executive Director of Mainstreet, which is a national nonprofit organization that focuses on the economic improvements of historical downtowns.

Ancient Mulled Wine - Glühwein

Ancient Mulled Wine - Glühwein Just after opening City Vino, we were approached by Lt. Blender to sell these cocktails, or winetails, in a bag. Fun MRE size bag that you pop a bottle of wine into, and water, then freeze to make a wine slushy. There are all sorts of flavors for both summer fun and winter fun. Lieutenant McMorris was a U.S. paratrooper who had an assignment in the Caribbean Islands. The story goes that he was invited to all the parties because he had the blender and would concoct tasty fun things for all kinds of social events. When he got home to Galveston, Texas he bought a run-down ice cream factory, and started making and distributing the bags you see in the store.

Think Outside the <Wine> Box this Summer

Think Outside the <Wine> Box this Summer With Memorial Day Weekend approaching, everyone is anxiously awaiting the kickoff to the summer season. Not officially, of course, but most think of it as the gateway into warmer weather, trading the long sleeves for tank tops, packing up the thermals, and opting for a cool drink instead of a hand and body warmer.