Semper Fi

Semper Fi This Sunday morning, May 22, participants in the 2022 Marine Corps Historic Half will take to the streets of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Participants will pass 13.1 miles of scenic and historic landmarks around town, like the Clock Tower, Confederate Cemetery, Kenmore Plantation, and many more. To add to the excitement, there will be live entertainment set up at various mile markers around town.

Does Raspberry Color Mean Raspberry Flavor?

Does Raspberry Color Mean Raspberry Flavor? The store owner at City Vino, Rita Allan, challenged me, your humble (ahem) weekly blog writer, with the topic “Does Raspberry Color Mean Raspberry Flavor?” in my wine, as all the wines in this weekend’s tasting skew to a lovely shade in the raspberry color spectrum. As I spent time over the last several days pondering how to frame the blog for this week, my inner Prince surfaced, and these modified lyrics were running through my head over and over again:
She drank a
Raspberry colored-wine
The kind you find in a local wine store
Raspberry colored-wine
And if it was warm out, she’d probably drink much more
Raspberry colored-wine
I think she loves it
You’ll thank me for the ear worm later. I promise.

The Year 2021 in Wine

The Year 2021 in Wine Reflecting on the year 2021, City Vino would like to thank you, the Fredericksburg community, for supporting small businesses again this year. Whether you have visited our shop once or a hundred times over the past couple of years, we appreciate the opportunity to get to know you, the wines you like, and the chance to introduce you to new-to-you wines.