Look Whose Talkin’

Look Whose Talkin’

There are many ways in which to broaden your knowledge of wine, and several avenues to take you there. While it is our sincerest hope that you are enjoying and getting enriched by our blog, there are many other blogs, and podcasts, that you may want to consider. There are probably hundreds, if not more, articles, collections, and editorials on wines, wineries, and locations to choose from. However, weeding through all of them may be a bit daunting. Blogs and/or podcasts can often be more streamlined, and more of an effortless way to gain knowledge about a certain subject, and you may find one you wish to follow on a regular basis to stay in touch with the current state of the wine world.

There are awards given to bloggers, and/or their websites, which may initiate some competition to be the best; however, there does not seem to be any dissension or negative rivalry between creators, i.e., no backstabbing or finger pointing.  There is a blog and podcast for everyone. Below are some worth mentioning and checking out. Listed alphabetically, not in order of importance or preference.

Wine Dude,” written by Joe Roberts. He holds the Level 2 (Intermediate, with Distinction) and Level 3 (Advanced, with Merit) Certificates in Wine & Spirits from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) in England. He’s a member of the U.S.-based Society of Wine Educators, holding their Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) qualification. He also holds the Wine Location Specialist (WLS) qualification from the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC) and the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto (IVDP) and is a member of the Wine Century Club. His primary mission is to provide useful information in an entertaining way, by offering useful information with quips and no-nonsense, easy-to-follow jargon. His style is not overwhelming, but enlightening at the same time. There are features on wines, producers, and regions (usually those off the beaten path), independent commentary on wine business happenings and trends, with insights and reviews.

Exploring the Wine Glass,” written by Lori Budd who began her career as a microbiologist, but her love of excitement and teaching led her to teaching students how to rock climb, zip line and tie those all-important survival knots. Along the way, she fell in love with wine which drove her desire to learn more about it. She is a UC Davis enology program graduate, a Spanish Wine Scholar with Honors, WSET L2 with Distinction, Champagne specialist, and holds certificates in Côtes du Rhône and Somm Day Service. And oh, by the way, she also owns a winery in Paso Robles with her husband Mike. Her blog is straight forward, easy-to-follow and fun to read.  She also does a podcast which focuses on wines by varietals and style, and is a fun way to learn about them. Her podcast is called “Winephabet Street,” with each podcast following the alphabet for the “wine of the day,” and uses the theme of Elmo and Sesame street to lighten it up.    

Wine for Normal People,” mostly a podcast, founded by Elizabeth Schneider, is a concise, streamlined arena of wine education, commentary, and resources for everything wine. Elizabeth Schneider, after majoring in international politics, taking a semester in Italy (where she learned to love wine and food), started her career in high-tech in Boston. There she realized she, like a lot of people, had been unknowingly buying a lot of bad wine. She took a wine tasting and appreciation course at the Boston Center for Adult Education, and had the epiphany that she wanted to pass that knowledge and appreciation on so that more people are armed with knowledge, removing the confusing fundamentals of wine.  She is very humble and does not wave her credentials like a flag; however, she is a Certified Specialist of Wine and has run an online wine school since 2014. Although not a “blog,” per se, she does also offer commentary and a running stream of “posts” to follow, if you subscribe, which is free. She also offers a wine club of wines she helps procure.  

Those were just a few of the many blogs and podcasts out there. Whether you want to further your knowledge on wines, and where they originate, keep up with the latest trends, want in-depth commentary or prefer more of a brief narrative, there are a lot of sources in the form of blogs and podcasts. They can be a great way to pursue education and follow commentary in a brief and simplified manner. If you prefer reading a narrative or following along by ear, there are options for you, whether you are a novice or an experienced wine enthusiast.  


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