Resolve to Drink Blaufrankisch

Resolve to Drink Blaufrankisch

Try something different as part of your New Year's resolution.

Around this time of year many wine magazines contain columns with their recommended "must-dos" for the new year or lists of New Year’s resolutions from Sommeliers. Among these, one of the recurring themes is to explore new grapes or regions and drink "outside your comfort zone."  If your New Year’s resolutions include learning more about wine, exploring a new region or varietal, or drinking outside your comfort zone, we are here to help. 

Blaufrankisch is one of the main red wine varietals in Austria. It is also planted in a number of countries throughout eastern Europe, where it is referred to as the "Pinot Noir of the East." Blaufrankisch, also known as Lemberger, is grown in a number of states in the US including Virginia, Maryland, New York and Rhode Island.

The flavors of Blaufrankisch wine include dark berries, black cherry and a bit of pepper spice. Blaufrankisch tends to have higher tannins and a fuller body, but this will vary, based on the winemaker’s specific process. Generally, Blaufrankisch will have a higher acidity level, which makes it great to pair with food. Its acidity and tannin level make for easy pairing with lamb and smoked or grilled meats. 

Don’t break your New Year’s resolution without trying Blaufrankisch. The Evolucio Blaufrankisch is a great one to start with, since its tannins are not as high and it has lots of dark cherry and berry flavors.


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