Saluti to Southern Italy!

Saluti to Southern Italy! When thinking about Italian wine, it is most common to think of Northern or Central Italy—Tuscany, Piedmont, Veneto, etc. However, there are some interesting, unique wines to seriously consider, if you’ll take your palate to the southern regions of Italy, more specifically, to the most southern areas, the island of Sicily, Basilicata, and Campania.

What Makes Red Blends So Appealing?

What Makes Red Blends So Appealing?  When selecting a wine to bring to a social event, a red blend often stands out as an excellent choice. Its versatility, crowd-pleasing qualities, and adaptability to various culinary pairings make it a smart option for gatherings with diverse tastes. Red blends not only provide a reliable and consistent flavor profile, but also serve as a great conversation starter, thanks to their complex nature and the intriguing blend of different grape varieties. Plus, their accessibility ensures that you can bring a quality bottle without breaking the bank, making them the perfect companion for a memorable social occasion.

Stuck in the Middle?

Stuck in the Middle?  What defines a region as either “Old World” or “New World?” In most wine maps France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Portugal are highlighted as “Old World.” Sure, these regions have been making wines for a thousand years or more. Is there more than that? By contrast the US, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina have been only making wines for a few hundred years. They are much younger, by comparison, in their experience and knowledge of viticulture. But wait!

Think Outside the <Wine> Box this Summer

Think Outside the <Wine> Box this Summer With Memorial Day Weekend approaching, everyone is anxiously awaiting the kickoff to the summer season. Not officially, of course, but most think of it as the gateway into warmer weather, trading the long sleeves for tank tops, packing up the thermals, and opting for a cool drink instead of a hand and body warmer.

Some Things Just Go Together—Hand and Glove, Salt and Pepper … Wine and a Movie

Some Things Just Go Together—Hand and Glove, Salt and Pepper … Wine and a Movie So, the groundhog saw his shadow a while back, and you know what that meant: Six more weeks of winter! While we here in the ’Burg don’t get the hellacious nor’easters they get up north, we do get sick and tired of the cold and the snow. So, we hunker down at home and turn on the tube or fire up our computer. I don’t know about you, but for me, network TV is slim pickins for something to watch. I like a good move—whether it’s classic oldy, or a current hit. (Isn’t it great that we can stream new releases so soon after they’re in the theaters?) Give me a good flick, a comfy seat, and … a bottle of wine.