The Gift of Wine: Part I – Sparkling and Whites

The Gift of Wine: Part I – Sparkling and Whites

While wine is gone after its contents have been enjoyed, the experience of sharing the bottle with friends and family lives on. The world is fast-paced these days, and being able to sit down and spend time with each other is one of the most precious gifts one can give. Here are some of our holiday choices to gift and to share with those you love.

As the old saying goes, “all that glitters, is not gold” and we couldn’t agree more. Sparkling wines glitter in your glass much to the enjoyment of everyone, and make any and every occasion a celebration. Our recommendations include Champagnes, like the Roland Champion Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc, which is 100 percent Chardonnay with fresh bread notes along with flavors of apples, pears, and baking spices. Another Champagne option is the Bauget Jouette Carte Blanche, which is 60 percent Chardonnay, 30 percent Pinot Meunier, and 10 percent Pinot Noir. This wine has a beautiful, fruity aromas of apples and grapefruit along with plums and hazelnuts. Its fruity nose reveals hints of fresh apples, grapefruit, plums, and hazelnuts, along with a richness and long finish. Our third Champagne option is Champagne Coutier Brut Grand Cru, which is a blend of 75 percent Pinot Noir and 25 percent Chardonnay. The Coutier has delicate bubbles and bright acidity, with light floral aromas paired with complementary flavors of apples, citrus, and brioche.

A local favorite sparkling wine is Thibaut-Janisson Xtra Brut, which is grown and made here in Virginia. This wine is made from 100 percent Chardonnay, in the exact same manner as Champagne with secondary fermentation in the bottle. Since the Thibaut-Janisson and the Roland Champion are both made from 100 percent Chardonnay, a gift box including both wines might make for an interesting compare-and-contract experience. For another compare-and-contrast gift, pair the Champagne Coutier with Argyle Winery Vintage Brut Grower Series, which is from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. This wine is made from 70 percent Pinot Noir, 20 percent Chardonnay, and 10 percent Pinot Meunier, which is close to the blend in the Coutier.

For years, Viognier was the signature grape of Virginia for marketing purposes. If you have friends who are lovers of Virginia Viogniers, consider a gift of a Condrieu. Condrieu is in the Northern Rhone valley in France, and is considered the home of Viognier. We have the Les Vins de Vienne Cuilleron Gaillard Villard Condrieu “La Chambee” available in the store, along with VA Viogniers from Bluestone Vineyards and Gabriele Rausse. Consider gifting two bottles to have a comparison tasting of Viognier, from its home in Condrieu, to its adoptive home in Virginia.

Other white wine options, include a Sancerre with the Alphones Mellot la Moussiere 2017 for your favorite Sauvignon Blanc drinker. Sancerre is considered some of the best Sauvignon Blanc in the world. We also have Sauvignon Blancs from Sancerre, Loire (outside of Sancerre), and Marlborough, New Zealand, available for gifting.

We have a few options for unusual white grapes to share with your family and friends including a lovely dry Scheurbe with the Wirsching Iphofer Scheurebe Kabinett Trocken 2014. Scheurbe is a relative of the Riesling grape. The wine has great flavors of grapefruit, tangerine, apricot, and lychee. The Edi Simčič Slovenia Malvasia 2017 is made from the Malvazua (Malvasia) grape. This wine is intensely fruity, with aromas of fresh and dried peaches and apricots, with a hint of salinity on the finish.

Stay tuned for Part II of the “Gift of Wine” featuring red and dessert wines coming to your email box and the Blog next week.



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