Gigondas and Saint Cosme

Gigondas and Saint Cosme

Gigondas is a French wine region located in Southern Rhone and Chateau Saint Cosme is one of the leading estates of the region.

Gigondas is a French wine region located in Southern Rhone, across the river from Chateauneuf du Pape (CDP). Wines carrying the Gigondas AOC (Appellation de Origin Controlle) or Chateauneuf du Pape AOC designation must adhere to specific rules governing which grapes are used and other rules governing the quality of the wine.  While Chateauneuf du Pape can be pricey due to the reputation of the region, Gigondas provides an affordable alternative for robust Grenache-based blends. 

However, unlike CDP, Gigondas does not allow white wines to carry the Gigondas AOC designation. Consequently, wines like Domaine De Saint Cosme “Les Deux Albion” carry the Principaute d’Orange Indication Geographique Protégé (IGP) designation.  Wines with an IGP designation generally do not meet the more strict rules of the AOC designation for their region. The IGP designation allows winemakers to experiment and create quality wines that are outside of the box without having to label them with the basic “Vin de France” designation.   

The Chateau Saint Cosme estate has existed in Gigondas since Roman times. The estate is currently owned by Louis Barroul and it has been in his family since 1570.  Under Barroul, the property has been renovated and the focus has turned from creating bulk wine to creating quality wines that reflect the region. Their most recent update was implementing biodynamic winemaking practices in 2010.

The Domaine De Saint Cosme “Les Deux Albion” (the two white) is a blend of Viognier and Picpoul, two white wine grapes common in the southern Rhone Valley. Viognier provides floral and stone fruit aromas while Picpoul provides acidity and a bit of salinity. The body and acidity make this wine a perfect pairing with fish, seafood and chicken with a cream sauce.     


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    As a Gigondas drinker, I must say I enjoyed the article very much. Do you carry Vacqueras as well?

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