Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  While the most popular drink this weekend will be Irish Beer or whiskey, some of us will have other drinks in hand. Most of you reading this blog are lovers of wine and although you may slide away from your wine to enjoy a St Patrick’s Day Guinness or Jameson, you may like some ideas on what wines to pair with the food you are enjoying this weekend

Chilling with Wine

Chilling with Wine Warmer weather is approaching, and that means that more people will be turning to chilled white wines, rosés, and lighter-bodied reds for their summer wine consumption. The temperature of the wine either mutes or accentuates the characteristics of a wine.

Everything’s Coming up Rosés

Everything’s Coming up Rosés As the weather grows warmer, our minds turn to lighter-bodied wines that pair well with meals cooked on the grill, including barbequed meats and vegetables, as well as light fare like salads, or merely a wine to enjoy while sitting on the porch, or in the yard. Rosé wines always come to mind, because they fit the bill beautifully.

Virginia Wineries Go Virtual

Virginia Wineries Go Virtual With the “Stay in Place” order across the state of Virginia in effect until June 10—unless we hear otherwise—restaurants, wine stores, and wineries have had to adapt their business models to still serve their customers as best they can, given the constraints of the official order. Businesses have ramped up their carry out, added or adapted curbside pick-up, and upped their shipping game, in order to keep their beloved business open so they can serve their loyal customers, both old and new.

Wine, Neighbors, Theatre & Community

Wine, Neighbors, Theatre & Community The Fredericksburg community is close-knit, and City Vino loves to partner with other neighboring businesses to help keep that sense of community going strong. One of those businesses is our upstairs neighbors, Fredericksburg Theatre Ensemble (FTE) at Fred's Theatre.