The Iberian Peninsula

The Iberian Peninsula This week, City Vino explores a bit of the Iberian Peninsula with its weekly wine tasting on Friday October 14th, and Saturday October 15th. It is indeed interesting to get to know a little bit about a region from its wines, but let us share some non-wine related information with you. (There will be no quiz. I promise.)

Spanish Picnic

Spanish Picnic This weekend, City Vino, invites you to taste wines to pair with a Spanish-inspired picnic!! “Picnic” often conjures up a pretty blanket on the ground in a beautiful setting, surrounded by a cooler, straw basket, and straw hats shading one’s head from rays of the strong sun above. Or, perhaps, a beach towel on the sand and sandwiches. These days, there are companies that will set up a fancy table with a vase of flowers low to the ground, surrounded by ample pillows and glorious food and wine. Not quite “glamping,” aka “glam camping,” but very close. These days, for me, my joints prefer that I not sit on the hard, because I may not be able to get up off said ground, so I’d surely opt for a nice table under and awning or large umbrella.

Reds From Around the Globe

Reds From Around the Globe Last week, City Vino was dreaming of a red (wine) Christmas, and we continue that thought for our weekly tasting on Friday, December 10, and Saturday, December 11, with red wines from around the globe. Join us on a quick tasting jaunt to Italy, France, Spain, and Virginia.

Exploring Spain

Exploring Spain This weekend, Friday October 8th and Saturday October 9th, 2021, travel with City Vino to four regions of Spain. The identity of these regions is forever linked to a specific grape variety or a couple of varieties.

Portuguese Wine Words

Portuguese Wine Words Beyond the fortified wines of Portugal, like Port and Madeira, there are many delicious wines made in that country. Some of the label terms may be hard to decipher, so here we have compiled some of the more-common wine terms you may encounter on bottles of wine from Portugal.