Wines for Easter and Spring

Wines for Easter and Spring

Happy Spring and Happy Easter to those who celebrate. This weekend, in honor of Easter, we will feature wines that would make a great addition to your holiday table, or your Springtime table!

If you came and tasted wine with us last weekend, you probably have already tasted this wine. The 2019 Domaine Fabre Cuvée Serpolet Rosé Côtes du Provence, from France, is making a second appearance, as it is a great springtime wine, but also pairs well with Easter meals. This rosé is produced from vineyards that are 400-years old, in the heart of Provence, owned by the Fabre family who are the largest private landholders in the region. Serpolet is the French term for thyme, which can be found growing around the vineyards. There maybe be hints of the herb in the aroma of this wine. This wine has lots of flavors of bright red fruits, and is refreshingly fruity and easy-drinking, and will pair well with ham and lots of side dishes, like spring peas.

Another great pairing with Easter dinner is Pinot Noir, because of its bright fruit and moderate tannins. For a Pinot for your dinner table, we chose the 2019 Boutinot Les Volets Pinot Noir Pays d'Oc, from Roussillon in southern France. The wine is made from 100 percent Pinot Noir. The grapes for this wine experience the warm Mediterranean sunshine during the day, along with cooler nights in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. This temperature swing from day to night allows the grapes to ripen more slowly.  The grapes are hand-picked, then the wine is made in large old oak barrels, so oak flavors or aromas are not present in the wine. Red fruits like cherries, raspberries and strawberries are prominent in this wine. The producer recommends pairing the wine with herby sausage casserole, grilled lamb, or pea and ham soup, and those suggestions have an Easter dinner written all over them.

For those who prefer a richer and bolder wine, we have the 2016 Pilizota Babic Costal, from Croatia. The wine is made from a grape called Babic that is indigenous to the country. Have you ever tasted a Babic? Wines made from this grape are inky dark in color, and full bodied with ample tannins. This specific wine shows some earthiness, meatiness, and restrained tannins that finish gently. The aromas and flavors display dark ripe black fruit including blackberries, blueberries, and plums, along with notes of fig and licorice. This is a wine to pair with the Easter roast leg of lamb or cheese and charcuterie.

For our final wine, we present the non-vintage Palacio de Bornos Frizzante Verdejo, from Castilla y Le León in Spain. This is a light, sparkling wine with low alcohol, which would make a lovely aperitif before your holiday meal, on its own, or with spicy pepperoni or salty nuts and cheeses. With the sweetness in this wine and flavors of orange, pear, apricots, and pineapple, it would be a great wine to pair with moderately sweet desserts like cheesecake, carrot cake, or that Easter lamb cake coated in coconut.

Wishing you a joyous Easter and Happy Spring. 


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