A Herald to the Obscure Grapes!

A Herald to the Obscure Grapes! There are grapes in the world that are planted in a wide range of environments. This is an absolute understatement. Of this vastness is a small number of varieties that have easily traveled from their homelands and have been planted around the world. Why? Because they are proven grapes that can produce high-quality wines and are not too fussy about where they are planted.

Abandon the Sideways Effect

Abandon the Sideways Effect Do you hear "Merlot" and roll your eyes? Do you go to the wine store and automatically pass the Merlot by without even consideration? Consider re-wiring your mind, forget the negative connotations brought on by the movie “Sideways,” and some bad rumors about California, and give it another swirl. The movie “Sideways” did a number on Merlot sales in 2004, thanks to Miles Raymond, played by Paul Giamatti. He basically trashed Merlot with one line, when he belted out, “No, if anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT drinking any f#$&!@* Merlot!”

Rocking around the Christmas Table

Rocking around the Christmas Table As fast as Santa can circumvent the globe dropping off his packages to be opened wide-eyed children Christmas morning, the year 2022 has gone by and now we have found ourselves at the holidays, yet again. If anything was learned, especially over the past couple of years, it is that time together, with family and friends alike, is precious and truly the best of gifts.

Twice Thankful

Twice Thankful This week, City Vino is indeed twice thankful. We are first thankful for our staff, our customers, and club members for your support again this past year. We love to be able to expand our customer’s wine experiences by sharing wines from small producers and small lots that you will not find in a supermarket or a big chain wine shop. Being able to assist you to pick a bottle or two or twelve for your everyday table, family or friend gathering, or that incredibly special occasion, means so very much to us.