You CAN Drink White Wine After Labor Day!

You CAN Drink White Wine After Labor Day! Labor Day is rapidly approaching, and we are here to tell you that you can indeed drink white wine after Labor Day. White wine can be a very approachable, quaffable, and refreshing drink to have during the warmer summer months. However, white wine comes in many styles and weights, and there is one perfect for most every pairing option, even when the weather starts turning cooler as summer fades to fall and into winter.

Red Blends – Redux

Red Blends – Redux A red blend is a designation or description indicating that the bottle contains more than one grape variety. Red blends can be made in traditional style, such as a Bordeaux or Rhône wine, or with any combination of grapes that the winemaker desires, if it is in alignment with the local wine laws. Wine laws can dictate what grapes can be used and in what proportion.

Bordeaux – Drain That Swamp!

Bordeaux – Drain That Swamp! Bordeaux is the most famous wine-growing region in the world, with a reputation for producing wines that have been the benchmark for wine makers world wide. But did you know that the area used to be a marshy swamp? Vineyards were planted in small areas, but most of the land was unusable marsh or swamp land. Enter the Dutch!